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      This collection of factsheets from the International Resource Panel, was prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment of Japan and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, as a contribution to the G20 Resource Efficiency Dialogue 2019 in Japan. The documents are based on research completed by the IRP for the report “Global Resources Outlook 2019: Natural Resources for the Future We Want".


      The data analysis and text for the G20 was prepared by Livia Cabernard, Stephan Pfister Stefanie Hellweg (ETH Zurich), and Maria Jose Baptista (United Nations Environment Programme) with inputs from Victor Valido (United Nations Environment Programme), Yingying Lu and Heinz Schandl (CSIRO). The layout and infographics were designed by Yi-Ann Chen with support from Qinhan Zhu on figure layout. Icons used in the factsheets are from Freepik.

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